We are Pillar8. Experts in experience.

We are Pillar8. Experts in experience.

What we do

User Research

From data analysis and segmentation to focus groups and prototyping – facts drive our work.

Customer Journey

Online and offline, we evaluate, test-drive and challenge your customer journey to uncover new opportunities.


Through wireframing, prototyping and user-centred thinking we make sure your users' objectives are met.

Digital Design

We translate validated UX and real-world brand experiences into great digital design that supports your objectives.

User Story

Bridging design and engineering, we work with developers to translate your design into functional thinking.

Un-digital Design

We work at the interface of technology and real life, creating digital brands and designing for events and locations.

Like all forms of design, visual design is about problem-solving, not about personal preference or unsupported opinion.

Bob Baxley

Why should you use us?

  • Tap into our ideas

    We've worked in multiple industries and countries – so we have wide experience. But above all, we live and breath innovation and can bring that to your product or service.

  • Get a rigourous approach

    Our user-centred methodology explore your customers' motivations and intents, and combines them with your goals. So your final designs do what you and they need.

  • Integrate your experiences

    We think 360 degrees, not just through your app, website or interface but through the whole online and offline experience. This makes happy customers and more successful businesses.

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Who we have worked with

Out team have worked with and for some of the world’s biggest brands.


An experience is any time that a customer sees, touches or interacts with your brand.

How we work

We like to keep things simple and transparent. Here's the process.
  • Brief us

    Fill out our mega simple briefing form online and then have a Zoom video call with us to discuss it and take care of any questions.

  • See options

    We will send you a clear, staged proposal, using fixed prices from our rate card. Start with as little or as much as you want.

  • Get started

    Sign our kickoff sheet online and we get the ball rolling. You'll get access to online deliverables, project plan and regular updates via Zoom.

Rate card

These are our prices. Same for every project. Charged hourly and billed weekly.
Research, planning & PM

£65 €75

per person per hour

App store
UX/CX/Design Disciplines

£95 €115

per person per hour

Workshops / on-site

£180 €215

per person per hour + travel

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Creating human experiences.
Based in the UK and Europe, Pillar8's experts combine over 50 years of collective experience in digital, UX, strategy, graphic design and ideation, and have worked for some of the world's largest brands. Our clear, efficient & cost-effective service helps website, app and product owners deliver profitable, human experiences.